does how we look make us who we are?

daft question you may reasonably think. But whe you sit on a train for long periods, observation and reflection pass the time very well. I`ve had a busy and tiring couple of days. Been darn sarf… on business. The business side of the trip was good and I achieved more than i`d intended. I even got into London just in time to see the david hockney exhibition, which was fantastic. Then I had to rush to Victoria and get another train to Croydon – an adventure in itself trying to find the hotel in the dark using the navigator on my phone! Today, travel was a bit esier as I hired a car to get around from Surrey, to Essex to Suffolk. Nice Mercedes… But then business over, I dropped off te car and it was back to trains. Which is the bit that got me thinking. On the platform at Ipswich was an extremely attractive woman. Beautful, really; not young, maybe 40, but extremely classy and elegant. She stood quite near me waiting for the train, pulling a bag similar to mine. It was obvious that she was receiving admiring looks from most of the men on the platform, and old cynic that I am, she seemed to be playing up to that us a bit. Maybe I am too harsh, but the way she stood, the flicking back of her long, blonde hair, etc, did sugget that she was all too aware of the attention. My thoughts were kind of confirmed when the train pulled in and severl men rushed forward to lift her bag up the steps and into the carriage. Very chivalrous, of course, but my bag being the same size, seemed to go un-noticed as I humped it up the steps and into the luggage rack…. Now this lady is obviously used to being treated in such a way and said her thankyous graciously enough. But I do wonder whether she will ever know what it`s like to be invisible. She won`t, just as I will never know what it`s like to be beautiful. So I reckon our looks have a huge impact on who we are. She had (or appeared to have) oodles of confidence, whereas I have very little – in the looks dept anyway! Plain, unattractive people like me have to become independent. I`ve known other beautiful women who find it hard to be i ndependent, but rely on the attention they get from men to get them through life… I prefer being independent of course, but a little bit of attention woldn`t do any harm now and again!! Anyway, I like to think that those of us that aren`t pin-ups are beautiful on the inside 🙂 Just takes a bit of exploring to find that beauty…. night night from a crowded blinking train. xxxx sweet dreams all xx

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