Oh dear! I just re-read Friday’s post – what happened to the spacing? Now you may be thinking t hat the couple of glasses of wine had something to do with that. But I am claiming that’s it’s more to do with the new device I used to type the blog! that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. My proof is that I was up and about at 7.30 on Saturday and did a 17 mile walk – not a trace of a headache 🙂

I went around the lake via Catbells, so it wasn’t an easy walk – OK though, and the scenery was fab, if a little misty. Stopped in Grange cafe for a cuppa , then spotted a swan in the water that should have been the footpath over the duckboards. I thought his fishing antics were amusing!

I felt pretty fit after 17 miles, except for the toes on my right foot. Ever since I fell off a cobble in Copenhagen, they’ve been hurting. Not too much over the last couple of days, but boy they gave me gyp on the walk!

So the beauty of this weekend is that there are so many signs of spring coming. today I walked up over Walla crag and while it was wet and windy it was also quite warm. The birds were singing loudly – nesting calls. then I spotted some gorge and heather starting to bloom..

and to top it all off – frogs!  the most fabulous sight in Dirty Wood (Ings wood to give it it’s proper title)
A bit earlier than usual, but they were mating and spawning like mad. In fact, I have never seen so many in this area before at one time. Their croaking sounded like distant motor bikes. I posted a video on Facebook, but the croaking is a bit quiet. The video is a bit large for here though – pity.

anyway, here is a photo.

Amazing!! And the thought that spring is on the way is a delightful one.

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