ten things….

I was going to write a blog post about ten things that annoy me, but I found I could only think of three! And then I figured if there only three things in the world that REALLY annoy me, then life must be pretty good 🙂

So I started thinking about the things that don’t annoy me and there are hundreds….

To narrow that down, what about things that make me joyful? I wonder if the same things make other people joyful too…

So here goes:

  • My little dog Archie’s happy little face greeting me when I get home from work, his tail wagging frantically as he rushes to greet me  

  • Snow covered peaks on the fells, especially now I can see them on the drive home from work! Tonight it was almost daylight and they looked glorious.
  • snowdrops trying to emerge into what they think is spring. I only hope they don’t get too confused when the weather turns colder..
  • Sunsets. Tonight the sun was just a huge ball of red hovering above the Irish sea. Wonderful
  • Oranges. Don’t they just taste superb at this time of year?
  • My comfy bed, although once in there I get so cosy I don’t want to venture out into the cold mornings
  • Jake Thackaray. Just been listening to his music and he is so underrated. a talent that should be given more air time
  • Meditation. Nuff said 🙂
  • colours. And how to make and mix them. Such satisfaction when I match a colour first time!
  • My new piano and the fact that I’m so out of practice. what a great challenge to learn all over again. Bought a book about blues piano and am so excited about learning blues.
  • Daylight. I’m going for a walk every lunchtime and this week it’s been so fab in the sunshine…
  • Australia. I can’t stop remembering what a brilliant holiday I had last year.
  • the countryside – I couldn’t live in a city, although I do love visiting them. But I’m always happy to come home to the countryside.
I could go on and on, but ain’t it great that there are so many good things in the world?
By the way, the things that annoyed me were people using mobile phones in supermarkets or on trains; aggresive or impatient drivers; celery…..

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