I haven’t done any blogging for a while.
Maybe it’s because I’ve been quite busy, but I’ve been enjoying myself lately, so haven’t felt inclined to mutter anything!

However, today the weather kept me in the house more than it has of late. When Archie and I took a walk this morning, the wind was terrific and there were several episodes of hail that really hurt my face as it lashed almost vertically towards me. Not pleasant, so we didn’t go nearly as far as I’d intended.
Instead I started to do some drawing and painting, which I should really be tackling more often. Byt like writer’s block, I’ve been suffering from a touch of painter’s block!
Not that I haven’t wanted to draw or paint, just wrestling with subject matter.

I’m trying to veer away from ‘ordinary’ subjects, many of which I paint frequently. ie landscapes, pet portraits, etc.
I’m dying to takle something more challenging, different and striking.
Watch this space to see if it comes off!

On a slightly different note, I have managed to avoid watching the tripe that poses as TV entertainment over the Christmas holidays. What with walking, writing, painting, reading and entertaining I’ve successfully managed to miss it all! Hooray  🙂

That’s all from my musings for today, except that I want to wish those of you may read this a good year ahead. May it bring all you wish for. Peace and happiness to you all.


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