First blog

So, I decided to start writing a blog.

I don’t expect anyone to be remotely interested in reading it, but I’m going to write it anyway…
I hope it will be exactly what it says in the title – some mundane mutterings from a middle-aged maniac.
I lead a pretty boring life, all in all, so there won’t be any excitement contained herein and I’m not even sure yet what topics I’ll be writing about – I’ll see how it goes.

This morning I woke up with a mammoth headache, feeling really sick and dizzy – migraine. I don’t get them often, but when I do they’re dreadful. I always wonder what triggers them but one theory I have is that it may be Chinese food. I had a Chinese takeaway the day before yesterday, so it’s possible. Another theory is that I didn’t drink enough water yesterday and got dehydrated and maybe that could have triggered the headache. Well, whatever the cause, the bloody thing was awful – and a nuisance too as it meant I got to work 2 hours later than I should have done. That’s really annoying cos I’ve had a bit of time off this year and I could do without any more time missed.
The dehydration theory is probably the one I favour at the minute. I was at a rehearsal of Fiddler on the Roof -a production I am part of. Just joined an amatuer operatic group this year and I’m enjoying it so far. Last night we put the first song into action – started moving and singing at the same time. Now I know women are supposed to be good at multi-tasking, but I find singing and moving at the same time quite challenging. I’m sure I’ll get the hang of it, but it was so hot in there and I didn’t take any water…..
All good fun.

I still have a slight headache this evening, but nothing compared to earlier. think I should have an early night though all the same.
Oh the excitement of life 🙂

Anyway, I’ll be back….

One thought on “First blog

  1. Headaches are horrible! You might be right about the dehydration. I get headaches like that a lot in the summertime when it's really hot outside and I haven't been drinking enough. Love the new blog, Barb! Especially the title, hehe!

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